Work for a Member of Congress

The House is a not a single employing entity, but rather it consists of several hundred individual employing offices. These offices include Members of Congress, Committees, House Officers, and the Inspector General. Responsibilities vary and are determined by the employing entity.

All employing offices within the House are equal opportunity employers, however, each individual office or entity determines its own organization structure, work schedules, and compensation structures (including wages and benefits). 

Apply to Member Offices:

Sign up for the House Employment Bulletin to get the most up-to-date information about vacancies in Member offices. 

Reach out to for more information about applying to Member offices and/or to schedule an appointment with staff. 

Democratic Offices: 

  • Find vacancies for Democratic offices at
  • Upload your Resume to the House Democrats' Resume Bank. Utilizing this tool makes your information available to hundreds of hiring managers on the Hill. Resumes are held for one year and all hiring decisions are made by individual House offices, you will be contacted directly by an employing office if your information indicates a possible match with their personnel needs.

Republican Offices:

  • Upload your Resume to the House Republicans' Resume Bank. Utilizing this tool makes your information available to a limited number of senior staff in the Offices of the Republican Leader, Republican Whip, Republican Conference, and the Conference Secretary who provide resumes to Chiefs of Staff seeking candidates to fill positions within their office.

Use of Demographic Information: As part of the application process, you may be asked to provide, on a strictly voluntary basis, demographic information. Your responses will not be released to individual employing offices, hiring officials, or anyone else who can affect your application. This information is used solely to determine if our recruitment efforts are reaching a broad range of the population. No personnel selections are made based on this information. Your voluntary responses will be treated in a confidential manner.